Who Am I?

I am a developer with most of my experience in Web Development, but also some experience in native development.

Latest Blog Posts

I Followed a 40 year old Pascal Book (in Rust)

When Elementary Pascal was published in 1982, the world of programming was a very different place. C, of course, already existed, but it was only 10 years old. Cobol and Fortran were big in places other than the IRS, C++ would appear in 3 years, and Rust would take another 24. Most languages in use would have looked quite strange to the modern developer, as C-style hadn't quite taken over. So what would it look like if we rewrote the code examples in this book in the modern day in a modern language (Rust)?

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Why I Switched to Hugo

I created a personal blog and portfolio using actix-web and htmx, a few weeks later I switched to this site running Hugo, this is why.

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